Erik and Charity

Well I made another trip to Brownsville to Atavista Farms for the second time in one week. I have to say that working with Terry and Sharon on their property is a pleasure. I hope I am lucky enough to work there again sometime soon.

Charity and Erik had a fantastic ceremony and reception, they worked with a wedding planner that was less hands on than most and it was a little refreshing.

So many times over the years I have been to a wedding reception with the same buffet food line as the last; Meatballs, wings, potato salad, and cold cut trays. But not this time... They selected Papa's Pizza and Catering to do up the food, and I have to say its so far my favorite food spread yet. Randy and his crew set out the best kinds of pizza even including my favorite bbq chicken, and some fettucine alfredo and salads were available to the guests. I think it may be one time that there was not much left to take home.

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