Jeff and Lindsey

Lindsey was the winner of the drawing we held during the Oregon Wedding Showcase in January. She received a package that included a DJ and complete light show. It was a ton of fun working with Lindsey and her friend Roshan in the weeks leading up to the wedding. While Jeff was away serving his country active in the Army Lindsey, Roshan and I picked music and hung out at Starbucks visiting and chatting as much as we planed.

She really wanted to have Roshan be the Emcee for the Reception which is a little out of the ordinary because I am so used to doing both the DJ and Emcee but I think it worked out great.

The wedding and reception were held at the "Nine's" which is a really pretty setting at River Ridge golf course. The outdoor dance floor area was under a some trees that gave a neat ceiling effect with some paper lanterns hanging and our lights bouncing around. I even brought out our Laser Stars which give the look stars you can almost touch.

Lindsey surprised Jeff with a song she had recorded to be used as their first dance. She has an amazing voice and can be heard every Sunday as she leads the music ministry at ECF.

I recently met up with her videographer and we will hopefuly have a copy of the some and have video of Their first dance soon.

Erik and Charity

Well I made another trip to Brownsville to Atavista Farms for the second time in one week. I have to say that working with Terry and Sharon on their property is a pleasure. I hope I am lucky enough to work there again sometime soon.

Charity and Erik had a fantastic ceremony and reception, they worked with a wedding planner that was less hands on than most and it was a little refreshing.

So many times over the years I have been to a wedding reception with the same buffet food line as the last; Meatballs, wings, potato salad, and cold cut trays. But not this time... They selected Papa's Pizza and Catering to do up the food, and I have to say its so far my favorite food spread yet. Randy and his crew set out the best kinds of pizza even including my favorite bbq chicken, and some fettucine alfredo and salads were available to the guests. I think it may be one time that there was not much left to take home.

Bill and Michelle

The first Sunday Wedding of the season and our first ever at Atavista Farm in Brownsville Bill and Michelle's Wedding was fun for all ages. The Bride and Groom brought games, toys, and bubbles for the kids to play with during the reception and we played a few fun kids songs like the hokey pokey and the chicken dance.

The couple elimination dance made for a great memory when we got down to one final couple on the dance floor. As the song ended we asked the vetran couple to offer words of wisdom and we celebrated their longevity as something we can all strive for.

I hope to have some pictures up soon from their photographer

Ian & Jiana

Under a canopy of very tall trees that seemed to climb into the sky Jiana and Ian's wedding day was to say the least a Hot one. Although it was all well shaded by the trees the afternoon temperature came well into triple digits. But the heat could not hinder the beauty of this wedding.

Marines in full Dress Blue uniform and Jiana's amazing dress made for a breathtaking moment during the ceremony. A guitarist played and sang during the ceremony and with the acoustics of the outdoor venue under the trees at Dreamwood was hauntingly peaceful.

The heat and weather was a factor in getting guests up and dancing, but we did it. Finding the right mix of party favorites and new music got this young group out and dancing. The Keg stands probably helped a little too.

As the sun went down and the temperature dropped the dance floor was full of guests dancing and lights blinking, flashing, and twirling about. This Wedding is full of memorable moments that will stay with me for a long time, from the traditional Marine Sword ceremony, Jiana's friends doing a Wedding hula, and Ian cutting the cake with his Marine sabre.

Nick & Jessica

A last minute wedding, I think we had all of 2 weeks to plan and coordinate the event. Nick and Jessica had planned on having a family friend play music for their reception, but it did not work out for them. Jessica called in a panic and after talking to several companies that were already booked, she called All Pro DJ's and as it turned out we had an opening for her June Date.

Since they had been married in Mexico a month earlier this was just going to be a short party to celebrate both the wedding and Jessica's Graduation from OSU. What was originally a three hour event turned into an almost six hour bash. Held at Camp Creek Creations wedding venue east of Springfield, it was a beautiful and sunny day perfect for this group to celebrate.

Steven and Stacie

The first Weekend in May brought Steve and Stacie's Wedding to the Red Lion in Eugene. This is another wedding that came from referral and was the second wedding for the Schafer family I was lucky enough to be part of. Steven's brother Chris had gotten married to Jennifer almost ten years ago and was by all accounts had been a great party.

We added Karaoke for this wedding which is something that we do not usually incorporate for weddings just to simply keep the focus on the bride and groom on their special day. There were differing opinions of the singing talents of the guests but Steve did definitely nail several Eminem songs.

Stevens Brother Chris was unable to attend the Wedding since he's currently active in the Army and was not eligible for leave. We surprised Steve and Stacie along with Chris's wife and kids with a recorded message that I had set up with Chris a few days earlier. He offered a great toast and a few married words of wisdom to the couple over a background of soft music.

The best moment came during the reception when Steven's Groomsmen helped to send the couple off on their honeymoon with a little extra cash. As a Schafer family tradition the groom has his pants removed (not without a fight) and then knots are tied in the pant legs and it gets passed around for the guests place money into them. Its a different twist to the traditional Money Dance and makes for some great pictures.

Ryan & Felicia

A beautiful Spring Wedding held at the Eugene Hilton on the top floor, that offers amazing views of Eugene in all Directions. Ryan and Felicia are a very cute young couple that is surrounded by close friends and adoring family.

From the First dance "At Last" by Etta James to the Kossol Family Request of the Chicken Dance this couple and party danced late into the evening.

My most favorite moment came when Ryan shared a special dance with his Grandmother the song played was "That's Amore" by Dean Martin and was a special song that had been played at Ryan's Grandfather's funeral. There were many tears during this song both happy and sad and I was honored to be part of it.

Past Wedddings