Ian & Jiana

Under a canopy of very tall trees that seemed to climb into the sky Jiana and Ian's wedding day was to say the least a Hot one. Although it was all well shaded by the trees the afternoon temperature came well into triple digits. But the heat could not hinder the beauty of this wedding.

Marines in full Dress Blue uniform and Jiana's amazing dress made for a breathtaking moment during the ceremony. A guitarist played and sang during the ceremony and with the acoustics of the outdoor venue under the trees at Dreamwood was hauntingly peaceful.

The heat and weather was a factor in getting guests up and dancing, but we did it. Finding the right mix of party favorites and new music got this young group out and dancing. The Keg stands probably helped a little too.

As the sun went down and the temperature dropped the dance floor was full of guests dancing and lights blinking, flashing, and twirling about. This Wedding is full of memorable moments that will stay with me for a long time, from the traditional Marine Sword ceremony, Jiana's friends doing a Wedding hula, and Ian cutting the cake with his Marine sabre.

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