Steven and Stacie

The first Weekend in May brought Steve and Stacie's Wedding to the Red Lion in Eugene. This is another wedding that came from referral and was the second wedding for the Schafer family I was lucky enough to be part of. Steven's brother Chris had gotten married to Jennifer almost ten years ago and was by all accounts had been a great party.

We added Karaoke for this wedding which is something that we do not usually incorporate for weddings just to simply keep the focus on the bride and groom on their special day. There were differing opinions of the singing talents of the guests but Steve did definitely nail several Eminem songs.

Stevens Brother Chris was unable to attend the Wedding since he's currently active in the Army and was not eligible for leave. We surprised Steve and Stacie along with Chris's wife and kids with a recorded message that I had set up with Chris a few days earlier. He offered a great toast and a few married words of wisdom to the couple over a background of soft music.

The best moment came during the reception when Steven's Groomsmen helped to send the couple off on their honeymoon with a little extra cash. As a Schafer family tradition the groom has his pants removed (not without a fight) and then knots are tied in the pant legs and it gets passed around for the guests place money into them. Its a different twist to the traditional Money Dance and makes for some great pictures.

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